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Students are assessed in 5 areas – skill acquisition, physical fitness, key terminology and understanding, rules, regulations and officiating and decision making – in each of the 10 activities on the curriculum in Year 7 and 8. Students are given opportunities across the schemes of work to demonstrate skills in each of these areas and an average across each activity gives pupils a current working grade.


All assessments are completed in practical tasks in order to build up vital skills required for success at GCSE level. Students are made aware of what they are being assessed on, and how, early on in the unit. These assessments are based on five areas for Assessment Objectives (AO’s) which have been devised from the GCSE specifications.

At Key Stage 4, PE is examined by 2 separate courses - OCR GCSE PE and OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies. Across the key stage, Students study a range of practical and theory topics. They are assessed on theoretical knowledge in the end of year 11 exam. The practical controlled assessment is on-going and will take place at the end of each practical activity.

At Key Stage Five we offer the BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport which consists of 4 units, 2 examined units on Anatomy and Physiology and Fitness Training and two internally assessed units from a wide range of practical and coursework based units.