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Biology Curriculum


Our KS3 course develops our students’ knowledge and understanding of scientific theory, our curriculum has an integrated working scientifically component and a clear focus on literacy and communication that seeks to develop students’ confidence in articulating their scientific ideas. Each student studies six hours of Science per fortnight.


All students in Y9, Y10 and Y11 follow the KS4 AQA Science curriculum linked to the KS4 National Curriculum. Each student studies nine hours of Science per fortnight. KS4 is taught by all members of the Science Department, at the relevant depth depending on Science Specialism.

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Biology at Advanced Level is a fascinating and demanding subject building on concepts that have been introduced at GCSE. Studying Biology gives a greater understanding of Biochemistry, Digestion, Circulation, DNA technology, Nervous System, Environment, Microbes and Disease and the study of Plant Physiology. Biology provides a framework for further study on a number of Undergraduate Courses at University and future employment. Underpinning Biology is also the consideration of ‘How Science Works’ and topics to the relevance of Biology in Society.

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