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Performing Arts has an important role to play in the personal development of our pupils. The skills and qualities developed by pupils in drama and dance, such as teamwork, creativity, leadership and risk-taking are assets in all subjects and all areas of life. Drama and Dance stimulates the imagination and allows pupils to explore issues and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. It is vital to create an atmosphere of security, trust and concentration. Drama and Dance promotes self-esteem and provides all pupils with a sense of achievement regardless of academic ability. 

Drama remains one of the most popular GCSE examinations in the country, because it is one of the few subjects which can demonstrate a young person’s ability to work creatively and co-operatively within a group situation, to achieve a common goal. Pupils learn to collaborate with others, think analytically and evaluate effectively. They gain confidence to pursue their own ideas, reflect and refine their efforts.  

Students learn through experience, seeing theatre and making theatre for themselves. Students are introduced to a wide range of theatrical styles and contexts as they explore plays practically, devise and work on performances. Students of AQA Drama and Theatre develop skills that are not just essential for drama but applicable to a wide range of higher education subjects and in the workplace.

This specification refines students' collaborative skills, their analytical thinking and their approach to research. Students grow in confidence and maturity as they successfully realise their own ideas. They learn to evaluate objectively and develop a sound appreciation of the influences that cultural and social contexts can have on decision making.