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Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Army Section  KS4 Curriculum Option

In September 2019 Abbey College launched its very own CCF onto the KS4 curriculum timetable. The scheme has a lot to offer, with many activities and unique opportunities offered throughout the programme.

CCF is a Government sponsored initiative enabling schools to work in partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in order to offer this unique and incredible opportunity for young people. It is about learning and developing new skills, offering unique and challenging opportunities and having fun. Taught with a military ethos, cadets follow a training programme and have the opportunity to gain several qualifications. Cadets will also have the chance to take part in national programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme (offered at Abbey College independently) as well as to participate in competitions and other unique opportunities, both nationally and internationally. 

Training is split over parade days, field days and occasional weekend camps and courses including an end of year Central Camp. Parades take place at the school during timetabled CCF lessons each week. This provides the basic training across a number of different areas, which is then enhanced during field days and weekend training camps where cadets will spend longer periods of time developing a particular skill or working towards a qualification. At the end of each Academic year cadets attend a week long Central Camp (during Term Time) which tests the cadets training and knowledge learnt throughout the year.

As well as exciting and adventurous pursuits, many of the activities you take part in with the CCF are focused on:

  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

KS4 – CCF APC Syllabus

CCF cadets will learn military skills and knowledge following the Army Proficiency Certificate (ACP) Syllabus. The APC Syllabus is a progressive Training Programme which focuses on:

  • Drill & Turnout
  • Military Knowledge
  • Skill At Arms (Rifle Training)
  • Shooting
  • Map & Compass
  • First Aid
  • Fieldcraft
  • Adventurous Activities & Challenging Pursuits
  • Method of Instruction
  • As Cadets learn and progress through each topic, they are able to achieve and earn Badges which are awarded and are worn on the uniform showing their achievements and skill levels. Cadets will complete the Basic APC Certificate within the first year, and the advanced APC Certificate within the second. The APC Training Syllabus is progressive and becomes more challenging, learning more advanced skills and knowledge throughout the programme. As part of the CCF training package Cadets will achieve the follow awards and Qualifications as a minimum, with the opportunity to further their awards and qualification if they excel:
  • Army Proficiency Certificates (basic & Advanced)
  • First Aid (St Johns Ambulance)
  • CVQO BTEC level 2 in Teamwork and Personal Development

CCF cadets learn and develop skills that are not only applicable within higher and further education, but morals, values and standards that are key within the workplace and our society in general.

CCF encourages Self-discipline, self-motivation, Organisation and Presentation.

Students grow in confidence and maturity as they realise their own potential and ability through challenge and achievement. They learn to work with and treat others with respect.

Whatever the future holds, cadets of CCF emerge with transferable life skills and an appreciation of others that will always be valued and stand them in good stead

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Army Section  KS4 Curriculum Option