Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Abbey College Ramsey – Governing Body

“Leaders and governors have established a culture of high expectations and aspirations for pupils.” – Ofsted 2018

The governing body has the strategic responsibility for the effective management of the school, performance, planning, finance and ensuring that the school provides the best education it can for students, parents and the local community.  Governors do not run the school day-to-day but are Trustees and Non-executive Directors of the Academy and are registered as such with Companies House.

The Governors (Trustees) at Abbey College are:

  • Madeleine Jackson (Foundation Governor) - Chair of Governors/Temporary Chair of the Education Committee
  • Andy Christoforou (Headteacher)
  • Rachel Cox (Parent Governor)
  • Charlotte Downing (Foundation Governor)
  • Lisa Gregory (Staff Governor)
  • Thomas Huggins (Staff Governor)
  • Ryan Hyman (Foundation Governor) 
  • Claire Sutton (Foundation Governor)
  • Eve Kamau (Parent Governor)
  • Adam Watkins (Parent Governor)
  • Edward Welsh (Staff Governor)
  • Lisa Williamson (Community Governor) – Vice Chair of Governors/Chair of Operations Committee
  • Michael Womersley-Carter (Parent Governor) - Vice Chair of the Education Committee
  • Tony Farrant (Non-voting Associate Governor)
  • Michelle Lynch (Non-voting Associate Governor)
  • Mark Woods (Non-voting Associate Governor)

Abbey College Members:

  • John Chrisp
  • Alan Dods
  • Madeleine Jackson
  • Lisa Williamson

Govs structure


Further information about the governors can be found in the Governor Information document in the side bar.

To make a complaint, please follow the complaints procedure which can be found on the Statutory Information page. Emailing the Clerk to the Governing Body could cause a delay to you receiving a response.

Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to the Governing Body: , Abbey College, Abbey Road, Ramsey, Cambs, PE26 1DG, 01487 812352

Meeting minutes are available upon written request to the Clerk.

Upcoming Meeting dates:

Full Governing Body - 19th March 2024, 2nd July 2024

Education Committee - 12th March 2024, 14th May 2024, 25th June 2024

Operations - 19th March 2024, 30th April 2024, 2nd July 2024



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