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Overview of Key Stage 3 

The KS3 Integrated Curriculum has been designed to develop the key skills necessary for all students to be able to successfully and confidently complete their GCSE/BTEC study.  Students will focus on essential skills that will benefit them for their academic study and future careers.  The 6 Pillars are: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Oracy, Problem Solving and Creativity.  These 6 pillars will be imbedded into all lessons in Key Stage 3 and they will be assessed and reported on throughout each subject. 



Overview of KS4

Our KS4 curriculum enables the learners to experience a curriculum that is tailored to the students needs enhancing their experience and creating a love of learning. We ensure that it does not narrow their entitlement by providing guided academic and technical pathways. Close guidance ensures students make sensible pathway choices. Alongside a ‘core’ offer of PE, Moral and Spiritual and independent learning, all students will study English, maths and science alongside three subjects they have chosen from a wide offer of academic and vocational qualifications. EBACC study is encouraged to raise aspirations of students and is available to all. Core PE and the daily mile are a prominent feature of our curriculum and support physical, mental health and wellbeing.

Overview of KS5

Abbey College is proud to have a successful Post 16 Curriculum which allows students to select subjects and qualification types which best suit their needs, strengths and aspirations. Our curriculum aims to allow students to develop not just the academic skills required for their future aspirations but also the character and culture to allow them to take the place as an active citizen in society.


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