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At Key Stage 3 it is important that learners have an introduction to key skills in Computer Science and IT. Students will have 1 lesson a week to cover a wide range of topics that will give students varied skills and knowledge.

Pupils will develop their skills by applying their knowledge to practical situations using creativity and problem solving. To ensure that students are constantly progressing they will take part in a range of assessments using the new KS3 assessment criteria.

At Key Stage 4 students can currently choose Creative I-media, and Computer Science from next year. The Creative I-media curriculum consists of 3 pieces of internally assessed coursework and 1 external exam. The units cover a wide range of topics and software that will give students varied skills and knowledge. This subject is ideal for learners who want to work in the creative industries later.

Topics include:

  • Pre-production skills
  • Digital Graphics
  • Multi page website
  • Interactive Multimedia products