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Learning a language is a skill for life.  At Abbey College all students study Spanish in KS3.  The Key Stage 3 curriculum covers the key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and is based on the topics in the Viva text book.  New language is acquired through the use of phonics, grammar progression, key topics and sentence builders which greatly help students become independent learners & more confident speakers.  We also want students to enjoy their lessons, be successful language learners and find the subject rewarding as Spanish is a core subject in KS4.

In light of GCSE Modern Languages reforms, we are in the process of rewriting out Key Stage 3 Schemes of Work to align more closely with new exam content. These schemes of work will be added to and updated throughout the year

Currently at Key Stage 4, Spanish and French are both examined and assessed by AQA.  Across the Key Stage, key language is delivered through three themes devised by the examination board:

Theme 1 - Identity & culture

Theme 2 – Local, national, international & global areas of interest

Theme 3 – Current & future study and employment

While the course is of a practical and useful nature, GCSE students will also acquire a sound knowledge and understanding of grammar.   Whatever plans you may have for the future, knowledge of a language will increase your options.  The transferable skills gained on the course will be ideal for learning future languages and for studying in the 6th Form.

The AQA FCSE (Foundation Certificate of Secondary Education) can be used as a standalone qualification or as a preparation for GCSE. 

The topics and themes are closely linked to those at GCSE and the knowledge and skills are directly transferrable:

Theme 1: My World

Theme 2: Holidays

Theme 3: Lifestyle

Theme 4: My Community

The FCSE is flexible and can be studied as a Full Course which provides accreditation for all four skill areas, or as a Short Course in either Spoken Language (Listening and Speaking) or Written Language (Reading and Writing).


There are 3 levels of award: Pass, Merit, Distinction.

A Distinction is roughly equivalent to a Grade 3 at GCSE.

There is no end of course exam. Over the course of 1 or 2 years, students must complete one assignment in each skill for three different units taken from three different themes. All assignments are marked by the teacher and moderated by the exam board.

Further Information

More information on the FCSE in Spanish can be found on the AQA Website

The Spanish and French A’ Level courses help students develop confident, effective communication skills in the language and a thorough understanding of the culture of countries and communities where the language is spoken.  It also covers the study of set texts and films which broadens students’ horizons and cultural knowledge.  An A’ Level in a language will also aid students preparing for future studies.