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History Curriculum

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum consists of the units outlined. These cover all the topics included in the OCR GCSE course and the students are taught how to develop arguments, evaluate historical sources and explain the relative importance of different reasons for change over time to meet the specific demands of the GCSE exam.


Written assessments are completed every half term in class under controlled conditions in order to build up vital skills required for success at GCSE level. Students are repeatedly made aware of what they are being assessed on, and how, so that they come to recognise before the end of Key Stage 3 what GCSE exam questions in History are like. These assessments are based on 4 Assessment Objectives (AO’s) which have been devised from the GCSE specification.  Each half term students will be set a 3 part homework which allows for students to undertake individual research, use their creative skills and make improvements to their research or creative project.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, History is examined by OCR. The topics first studied at Key Stage 3 are returned to and studied at a higher level. All the topics included in the GCSE course will have been taught by the end of Year 10, leaving Year 11 to be entirely dedicated to preparing the students effectively for their exams. The department has run a number of residential visits in the UK and overseas over previous years to support students’ learning and fully intends to continue this provision in the future.