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The intent of the art and design curriculum is to provide students with a structured and coherent program of study that develops their understanding, skills, creativity, and appreciation in the visual arts and design. This curriculum aims to help students to:

1. Develop practical and technical skills in a range of art and design disciplines, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, and 3D design.

2. Explore and experiment with different materials, techniques, styles, and contexts of art and design, and apply them to personal, cultural, and social themes and issues.

3. Foster critical and analytical thinking and evaluation in relation to own and other artists' work, and develop an understanding of the historical, cultural, and theoretical concepts and movements of art and design.

4. Develop creativity, imagination, innovation, and problem-solving skills, and apply them to communicate, express, and represent ideas, emotions, and experiences through visual language.

5. Develop personal and interpersonal skills and attributes that support learners' personal and social development, such as self-confidence, resilience, collaboration, reflection, and respect for diversity.

6. Develop an appreciation and enjoyment of visual arts and design as a source of pleasure, inspiration, and cultural enrichment, and acquire the knowledge and skills to engage with them as a informed and critical audience.

The intent of an art and design curriculum is not only to enable learners to achieve academic qualifications and future careers in related fields but also to enrich their lives as individuals and members of the community by providing them with the means to express themselves freely, to think creatively, and to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the arts.