• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Hello Year 6,

It's not long now until the end of the year, I am really looking forward to welcoming you all in September. It has been fantastic to see so many of you over the past few weeks during our school visits and your transition days, lots of great questions and hopefully this has put lots of worries you might have had behind you.

A common question from the Q&A sessions was about what equipment to bring on your first day:

  • Pen x3

  • Pencil 

  • Rubber

  • Ruler

  • Calculator

Miss Lane

Year 7 Raising Standards Lead & Primary Transition Lead


Frequently Asked Questions 

Any changes in your life take a bit of getting used to and joining Abbey College is no different. Some of the concerns that year 7 have every year are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions document which can be found in the Year 6 Transition Documents section of this page.



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