• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Abbey College Ramsey celebrates ‘Good with Outstanding features’ Ofsted report

Students and staff at Abbey College and Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form are celebrating after Ofsted inspectors found that the school continued to be ‘Good’ and rated its personal development and sixth form as being ‘Outstanding’.

The report, which comes just after the launch of its new Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form, praises the whole school on its “calm environment that ensures pupils feel safe” and “rich and diverse personal development curriculum”, as well as “expert teaching” for post-16 students at Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form.

Quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, and leadership and management were each rated ‘Good’, with personal development and sixth-form provision considered ‘Outstanding’. This led to an overall rating of ‘Good’.

Andy Christoforou, Headteacher at Abbey College said: “We are thrilled by the incredibly positive comments made by Ofsted inspectors. Securing another ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted, especially after changes to the inspection framework and disruption caused by COVID-19, is a testament to the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff, students, parents, and community. It’s humbling to know that we provide our community with the high-quality education and outstanding sixth form it deserves.”

The school has received awards for its outstanding contributions in areas of personal development, the arts, mental health support, and LGBTQ+ inclusivity, whilst introducing Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form to ‘further develop and refine’ its Post-16 offer.

Mr Christoforou continued: “It has been a remarkable year for us, marked by numerous accolades that wholeheartedly recognise our efforts. Whether through our personal development programmes, dedicated commitment to the arts and mental health support, or the school’s inclusive and nurturing environment, we aim to leave a positive impact on every facet of our students’ lives.

“I am particularly pleased to note the praise for our school’s core values of humility, intuition and passion shone through the report. These qualities underpin our dedication to not only academic excellence but our commitment to shaping our students into well-rounded individuals.”

The report heaped praise on the school’s teachers and students in all areas of the report:

  • ‘Pupils at Abbey College are happy, kind and friendly’
  • ‘Pupils benefit from an orderly, calm environment’
  • ‘Within lessons, disruption is rare’
  • ‘Their interactions with adults and other pupils are very respectful’
  • ‘Routines are clearly understood and followed’
  • ‘Pupils benefit from an orderly, calm environment. Pupils queue up sensibly at the start of the day and before lessons. They move around the school very considerately. Transitions between lessons and social time are made in a calm manner’
  • ‘These established routines ensure that pupils feel safe.’
  • ‘The school has very high expectations for what students should achieve’
  • ‘[Pupils] are well prepared to realise their potential because they study a rich and varied, well-taught curriculum’
  • ‘Teachers have high expectations of what pupils should achieve’
  • ‘Teachers have the appropriate subject knowledge to teach the curriculum well. Teachers routinely check what pupils remember and understand’
  • ‘Teachers are skilled at adapting their teaching if there are gaps in what pupils remember’
  • There are clear processes to identify and support pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)’
  • ‘…pupils with SEND access the school’s ambitious curriculum, achieve well, and keep up with their peers’
  • ‘Students speak passionately about the varied and interesting careers guidance they receive. They are extremely well prepared for future study or work.’
  • ‘Governors fulfil their role and statutory duties with skill and dedication’
  • ‘The arrangements for safeguarding are effective’
  • ‘Students in the sixth form benefit significantly due to an ambitious curriculum and expert teaching’
  • ‘Students speak passionately about the varied and interesting careers guidance they receive’
  • ‘Pupils have an excellent understanding of the leadership opportunities that are open to them once they finish school and how to achieve them’
  • ‘Pupils benefit from a rich and diverse personal development curriculum’
  • ‘The school has carefully considered how to develop pupils’ character as well as their skills and interests’
  • ‘Pupils talk with pride about the additional skills they learn that prepare them well for their adult lives’
  • ‘Pupils are actively involved in the wider community. Pupils gain resilience and confidence’

Samantha Moore, Head of Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form, said: “We are delighted at the ‘Outstanding’ rating for our sixth-form provision in Ramsey.

“Our aim has always been to provide a supportive and enriching environment for our older students, where they can flourish academically and personally. Besides their academic accomplishments, what truly makes us proud is how the report illustrates our student’s growth into young adults, fully prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

The report can be read here.