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Adding, Renaming, Styling and Moving Dropfiles Folders

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01-Introduction to Articles

02-Creating and Managing Popup Announcements

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04 - Taking and Working with Photographs

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Edulink - Parent Information and Communication System

We are keen to maintain good communication between families and school and Edulink One will keep you up to date with information on your child including their timetable, achievements, behaviour and homework. 

EdulinkOne is a purpose-built parental communication tool in the form of an iOS and Android App – with support from a website for those unable to access the apps.

To access Edulink

You will need:

  • Username and password, emailed from the school.
  • Search for EdulinkOne from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install the App to a mobile device – you can have it on multiple devices if you wish.
  • If you do not have a device suitable for the app, you can access the same great features through the website at 

    https://www.edulinkone.com/#!/login?code=acr or if you are not using this direct link, visit https://www.edulinkone.com/ you will need to enter your School ID (acr) or Postcode (PE26 1DG).

  • Please refer to the userguide in the documents section of this page.
  • If you forget your username or password or have any problems, please contact Please note that your activation email is unique to you and your child.  Your activation email will expire after 14 days if it is not used.


The Year 7 and 8 reports are changing this school year (2022/23). Instead of reporting on progress using P-, P, P+ and P++ they will report on achievement. Students will receive age related levels that move up through Emerging into Developing and Secure. For the most talented students the level of Mastery will be available. On reports the levels will read as 7S and 8E etc.








The scale is:













There are assessment grids for each subject which gives the details of the skills and knowledge that need to be demonstrated to achieve the individual levels. These will be used by staff in the Autumn assessments and published to the school website. This will enable parents, carers and students to match the report levels with the assessment grids and see what has been achieved and what further content needs to be demonstrated by students for the awarding of higher levels.


The student has demonstrated that they understand and can apply all of the expected skills and knowledge for that year group in challenging contexts. They use subject specific vocabulary accurately and with confidence.


The student is using subject specific vocabulary and can apply skills and knowledge in familiar contexts.


A range of Key Stage 3 skills are starting to be developed. Key Stage 3 vocabulary and knowledge are improving.


The student is working towards a successful transition to appropriate Key Stage 3 level work.

The levels are hierarchical and students who have made exceptional progress will receive levels from higher year groups. The GCSE courses at Abbey College start in Year 9 so students awarded 9D, 9S or 9M are working at GCSE standard.

The report will also include a Spirit score. The Spirit score ranges from 4-1 and is linked to attitude to learning. The score gives an indication of the amount of aspiration, independence, effort and pride in their work, that a student is showing. The new reports have columns where teachers can indicate key areas of concern by using an “X” in the appropriate column. No “X” means that there are no specific barriers to learning. This means that if a student has a low Spirit score of 2 or 1 then there is information to inform why the teacher chose to award that score.

If your child has a Spirit score of 2 or 1 then we advise you to discuss this with them and raise any concerns that you have with your child’s form tutor.

The new style reports for Year 7 and 8 will be issued at the end of November.