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At Abbey College, our aim is to help our students plan their route through education, in order to make well informed decisions about their futures.  We strive to support our students to see the links between what is learnt in the classroom and the outside world.  We hope this will motivate them in lessons and help them to understand that what they learn at the College will prepare them for an exciting and ever changing world. 

All students take part in an inspiring and nurturing careers programme, starting in Year 6 in our Transition program, which will help students to make decisions about what they might like to do in their future careers.  We believe it is never too early for our students to start thinking about their futures. Attached to this page are our plans and outcomes for all year groups.

Points of Contact.

  • Ms L Pollard, Careers Leader 
  • Mrs C Neville, Careers Coordinator
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - tel: 01487 812352

Gatsby Benchmark.

Abbey College believe that careers guidance is a progressive journey. Our planned careers programme supports students and ensure they receive the relevant careers information, advice and guidance that is suitable for their age and ability by implementation of the 8 Gatsby Career Benchmarks. These Benchmarks were written by Sir John Holman, a former Head Teacher and founder of the National STEM Learning Centre.

Sir John wrote the Good Career Guidance Report after carrying out extensive research.
The 8 benchmarks are a framework for good career guidance developed to support schools in providing students with the best possible careers education, information, advice and guidance.

In the report he identifies what 'good' looks like and outlines a framework of eight benchmarks that schools can use to improve their career guidance system.

Please see the attached document for a description of the benchmarks.

Dates for your diary.

13th September 2018 - Launch Year 12 Work Shadowing.

3rd October 2018 - Launch Year 10 Work Experience.

1st November 2018 -  Annual Careers Fair - (CEIAG Event).

7th November 2018  - Year 10 CV Assembly.

5th December 2018 - Year 7 Guess the Professional

7th December 2018 - Deadline for Year 10 Work Experience Paperwork

12th December 2018 - Year 13 Mock Interview Event.

18th December 2018 - Year 8 Woodgreen Careers Fair

18th - 22nd March 2019 - Year 10 Work Experience Week.

29th March 2019 - Dealine for Year 12 Work Shadowing Paperwork

10th - 14th June 2019 - Year 12 Work Shadowing.

Current Vacancies:

We regularly receive current Apprenticeship and Job Vacancies. Please see the attached documents.




Students have access to a well-resourced careers library in our Aspirations Zone, with a wide range of current publications and prospectuses, and they can be accessed each school day at break and lunchtimes.  There is also careers computer software which can be accessed from any of the school’s networked computers.  If students have a query or want to talk to someone face to face, then they can call at the Careers office and see Ms Pollard or Mrs Neville. We use the website Fast Tomato for students to research and build their careers plans, the link below will take you to the website. All students have been given a username and password.

Click here to visit the Fast Tomato Website


Each year we organise a CEIAG (Careers education, information, advice and guidance) event, where students can find out about a wide variety of careers and ask questions on a one-to-one basis.  The CEIAG event can provide many ideas for possible careers and should ensure that when students are choosing their GCSE options later in the academic year, they will have some idea of the qualifications they require to pursue a chosen career path. 

Careers & CEIAG Support