Bursaries at Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form

Bursaries at Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form

How we can help you with bursaries

We want to make your learning experiences as smooth as possible. That’s why we offer support that can make a big difference in your education journey, like covering transport costs or helping you get your own study device.

There’s a bursary available for all Year 12 and 13 students who meet certain criteria. If you fall into any of these groups, you’ll be eligible to apply:

  • Young people in care
  • Care leavers
  • Young people claiming Income Support
  • Disabled young people in receipt of Employment Support – Allowance and Disability Living Allowance
  • Young people in receipt of free school meals
  • Young people whose household income is below £24,000per annum
  • Young people who have been affected by a sudden, exceptional change in financial circumstances

You can use the bursary for things like:

  • Getting the books and equipment you need
  • Exciting trips and educational visits
  • Covering transport costs
  • Ensuring you have proper meals
  • Paying for those all-important exam fees

The bursary payments are paid directly into your bank account, provided you meet certain attendance and behaviour criteria:

  • Following a programme of study that consists of a minimum of 12 guided learning hours
  • Have 100% authorised attendance
  • Meet the required standard of behaviour and effort

We understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected challenges your way, and we’re here to help you when you need it most.

In addition to our regular bursaries, there’s also the option of a discretionary bursary. This fund is designed to provide one-off payments to assist students facing unexpected financial hardship or circumstances that arise that could impact their ability to continue their Post-16 education.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at the Sixth Form office. We’ll provide you with all the details and support you need to navigate any obstacles and ensure your educational journey remains on track.

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