What to expect at Gatehouse Sixth Form

What can you expect by joining Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form?

Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form is a vibrant hub and our doors are open to students with dreams and aspirations. We will support you on your academic journey with a means to thrive. Your study plan will be tailored just for you, consisting of three Level 3 subjects. These can include a mix of A levels and/or BTECs, spread across 27 hours every fortnight. We’re all about making sure that your learning experience suits you!

A daily registration program

For your daily dose of inspiration. Here’s what to expect during these 30 minutes with your specialist Sixth Form tutor:

  • Half Termly academic mentoring with a sixth-form tutor and bespoke advice from our CEIAG Lead
  • Model United Nations
  • Guest Speakers/TED Talks
  • Subject specialist-supported study sessions

Dedicated Social Studies lessons

These offer an exploration of various topics, including:

  • Wellbeing including alcohol, drugs, driving, sex & relationships education and other topics
  • Fundamental British Values including democracy, the rule of law and tolerance
  • Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural (SMSC) development
  • Life Skills

Your timetable seamlessly incorporates 9 hours per fortnight for scheduled Independent Study, Reading and Research, all of which can be conducted within our purpose-designed Study6 area.