Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form Expectations

Our Sixth Form students enjoy having their own space in the school. They are empowered to work independently, collaborate in small groups, or engage with a large peer community.

We pride ourselves on the comprehensive support we offer our students to cater to both their academic and pastoral needs, which includes personalised assistance for each student as they prepare for the next steps in their journey.

To help our students shine, we have a few expectations in place, whether that be academic or conduct. These expectations are outlined in our documents, which set the bar for success.

Our Sixth Form Learning Agreement is a valuable resource, clearly outlining what we expect from our students and their parent(s)/Carer(s).

In addition, we have a subject support programme which kicks in after assessments. This program is designed to support students who may need more support to meet the requirements of their course.

When it comes to attire, students are asked to adopt a business-style dress code.

Find a digital copy of the Learning Agreement here:

Learning Agreement

The Ramsey Gatehouse Dress Code for Sixth Form Students


Permitted Items:

  • Smart trousers
  • Plain dark jeans
  • Shirts/collared t shirts
  • Plain jumpers/cardigans
  • Plain skirts
  • Plain blouses/T shirts

Items not permitted

  • No ripped style jeans
  • No crop tops
  • No sports style or branded t-shirts
  • No miniskirts or shorts
  • No hoodies
  • No hats


Permitted Items:

  • Trainers/canvas shoes may be worn if predominantly dark in colour

Items not permitted

  • No sandals or flip flops

  • No high heels or heavy-duty boots



  • Hair must be one natural colour

  • Long hair must be tied back for Health and Safety reasons when taking part in sports and practical lessons.

  • Discreet hair accessories

Not permitted

  • No extreme haircuts

Make up & Jewellery


  • Make up and nail varnish must be discreet

  • Jewellery is to be kept to a minimum and must be discreet

  • One small stud or hoop earring in each ear is allowed

Items not permitted

  • No ear stretchers are allowed

  • No visible tattoos are permitted.