Tailored Learning Experiences

What are our Tailored Learning Experiences?

At Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form, your learning experiences are tailored just for you.

We understand everyone’s learning journey is unique. We’ve got an ever-expanding mix of academic and vocational subjects that cater to everyone’s needs and interests. Our curriculum is super flexible and empowers you to mix and match courses that align with your interests. Plus, we offer dedicated supervised learning periods in a refurbished and modern computer suite to help you stay on track.

Our commitment to excellence in teaching is a guarantee. We regularly monitor and refine our teaching methods to ensure that every student receive the best learning experience.

Throughout the year, every student gets the chance to explore exciting career and university exhibitions that match their chosen pathway after Sixth Form.

It doesn’t stop there… Our students can take part in volunteering, join our fantastic student leadership team, gain valuable real-world experience through meaningful work shadowing, contribute to the vibrant life of the school and become leaders in the local community. You’ll develop those skills that are important for the future.

Form time is also taken seriously at our Sixth Form. It’s an essential part of your progression and is thorough so that tutors have the chance to build positive relationships with you. They will be there to cheer you on and make sure you’re all set for the journey ahead.

Ramsey Gatehouse Sixth Form builds on an impressive track record of securing high levels of attainment and supporting students in higher education and employment. We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form. The students, our Sixth Form team and teaching staff make our Sixth Form a fantastic place to be and it provides the perfect stepping stone to your future.

Our prospectus will give you all the information needed to help you navigate your way through life as a Post 16 student.

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