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If you are currently in Year 10, looking forward to starting Year 11 and participating in the Aim 4 Purple Programme, here are some things you can be doing to prepare now. We know the world is a strange place at the moment, hopefully this will keep you focused on your future studies and provide you with the chance to enrich your independent learning in readiness for Year 11.

Please click on the subject links on the right for your courses to find out more!

These additional tasks are purely VOLUNTARY, there will be no consequence for those students that choose not to complete them over the Summer. Those that do decide to complete tasks will need to bring their evidence to their form tutor in the first week of the new term in September. “Purple” awards will be as follows:

3 Purples =          Completing tasks for ALL their timetabled subjects.

2 Purples =          Completing tasks for 7 of their timetables subjects.

1 Purples =          Completing tasks for 4 of their timetabled subjects.

All evidence produced should be to a high standard, form tutors will reserve the right to decide if the work provided is acceptable.

We look forward to welcoming you to Year 11.

Year 10 Enrichment Documents