• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Dear Year 9,

I hope I find you safe and well.

Since Monday 23rd March the vast majority of you have been working independently at home, I want to thank you for your support in keeping up with your learning.  I have been very impressed with the way you (and your parents/carers) have been handling this new way of working so far and the way you have continued to demonstrate our Spirit virtues during the school closure.    Your teachers have really enjoyed seeing the work you have completed.  You are a wonderful, hardworking and considerate Year group and I am proud to be your Raising Standards Lead.

I am writing today to share with you our plans for the next phase of your learning which will begin after half term.

Each department in school has considered the knowledge and skills that you need to make the strongest possible transition to Year 10.  They have then written up a schedule of learning for seven weeks to help you build the skills and knowledge required. You can find the overview of the work for each subject on the school website, and your teachers will be posting the resources for you on a weekly basis.

Your continuing feedback has been essential in helping us to improve the process of learning and teaching for you and has shaped the way that we have planned this transition work.

  • Some students have been overwhelmed by the amount of work on Show My Homework
    • Your transition pack for each subject will outline exactly what you need to complete on a week by week basis.
  • Some students have struggled with some of the content of resources.
    • We have changed some resources by ensuring that in each week of learning you are getting some audio recorded instruction from subject teachers.
  • Some students have been unsure about how to submit work.
    • Moving forward all subjects will be using TEAMS to set and submit work (you should have already received instructions on how to use TEAMS. If you have any issues just email me). For Year 9, the date for this is Monday June 15th.
  • Some students felt feedback has been patchy.
    • The submission and feedback process on Teams is very clear and each subject will indicate which work needs to be submitted for feedback.

If there is too much work, or you don’t understand it, please do not get overwhelmed or stressed, we are here for you so please ask for help and advice. This is a new way of working for everyone and you will get into a pattern and rhythm over time.

The Year 9 team will continue to keep in close contact with you all and hope that the school gates will be open again in the not too distant future.  Stay focussed.  Stay determined. Stay safe

Any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email:

Yours sincerely,

Miss Beel  - Year 9 Raising Standards Lead

Year 9 Summer Transition Materials