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Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum consists of the units outlined in our curriculum plan. These cover a range of topic areas and opportunities for students to acquire good quality practical skills. There are regular combined topic assessments throughout the year that focus on acquisition of knowledge and key skills. Pupils will develop their understanding of key scientific topics and continue to build on their practical work throughout this key stage.


All assessments are completed in class under controlled conditions in order to build up vital skills required for success at GCSE level. Pupils are made aware of what they are being assessed on, and how, early on in the unit.  Students also complete a scientific literacy task each term to test their ability to describe and explain scientific concepts.  This improves their scientific literacy in preparation for GCSE.   

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students continue to develop their skills and study key topics in greater depth, further developing their understanding of scientific concepts. Across the key stage, science is taught discretely in 3 main topic areas of biology, chemistry and physics. Alongside practical work which develops the investigative skills of our students.

At Abbey College we run 2 courses at GCSE. GCSE separate sciences are where 3 science GCSE grades are attained (one each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics), and AQA Trilogy science where a joint double  GCSE grades are attained.

Science Staff

Mr Abbott
Teacher and Deputy Headteacher

Mr Askoolum
Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Craig 
Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Mr Hodges
Teacher and Acting Lead Learner for Science

Mrs Batchford
Teacher and Lead Practitioner for Science Teaching and Learning

Mr Huggins

Ms Mashoganika

Dr McMillan

Dr McMurdo


Curriculum Plan

Applied Science