• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Attendance Expectations

  • Attend all Tutor Time, lessons, ISRR, Social Studies and Enrichment sessions.
  • Sign out whenever I leave site for break or lunch and sign in on my return.
  • Inform the Sixth Form Office of any planned absences using the online form.  NO term time holidays will be authorised.
  • Log unplanned absences through Edulink before 8:30am for each day of absence.
  • Attend all public examinations and assignment sessions required as part of the learning programme.
  • Understand that if I do not complete my courses I will be required to pay for any examination entry fees that have already been made.

Work Expectations

  • Give my best effort to ensure I make the required academic progress needed to reach my learning goals.
  • Meet my deadlines for all work, including; coursework, controlled assessment, written homework, presentations etc.
  • Prepare for lessons; using non-contact periods to support my progress, keeping well organised reading materials and equipment, completing required wider reading including holiday work and work missed through absence.
  • Complete additional work and study sessions, as required if not meeting targets.
  • If I have a part time job, my hours of paid employment must be reasonable, not interfere with my study time and MUST NOT coincide with school hours 8:40-3:10 or any after school catch up sessions that I’m required to attend between 3:15 and 4:15pm. The school reserves the right to contact my employer should this be an issue.

Behaviour Expectations

  • Always wear my ID badge and lanyard visibly on site.
  • Mobile phones and ear buds/ headphones are only permitted in 6th form areas (Study6, Café 6, Social6) and should not be seen during lesson time or anywhere else on the school site.
  • Treat all staff & other students with respect and behave as a role model in our school and wider community.
  • Treat school property and the environment with respect.
  • Drive & park on site responsibly & safely using designated 6th form parking spaces & shut gates after use (This applies to students who have obtained their parking permits only).
  • Adhere to the whole school ICT policy.

Behaviour Policy

All Sixth form students will adhere to the whole school behaviour policy ensuring that the School Rules of Ready, Respectful and Responsible are fostered at all times. The Sixth form students are role models for all other students and as such their behaviour around the whole school site and in sixth form areas should reflect this. Should student behaviour be deemed inappropriate, sixth form staff reserve the right to sanction appropriately, as per the whole school behaviour policy.

The Ramsey Gatehouse Dress Code for Sixth Form Students


Permitted Items:

  • Smart trousers
  • Plain dark jeans
  • Shirts/collared t shirts
  • Plain jumpers/cardigans
  • Plain skirts
  • Plain blouses/T shirts

Items not permitted

  • No ripped style jeans
  • No crop tops
  • No sports style or branded t-shirts
  • No miniskirts or shorts
  • No hoodies
  • No hats


Permitted Items:

  • Trainers/canvas shoes may be worn if predominantly dark in colour

Items not permitted

  • No sandals or flip flops
  • No high heels or heavy-duty boots



  • Hair must be one natural colour
  • Long hair must be tied back for Health and Safety reasons when taking part in sports and practical lessons.
  • Discreet hair accessories

Not permitted

  • No extreme haircuts

Make up & Jewellery


  • Make up and nail varnish must be discreet
  • Jewellery is to be kept to a minimum and must be discreet
  • One small stud or hoop earring in each ear is allowed

Items not permitted

  • No ear stretchers are allowed
  • No visible tattoos are permitted.

Any student that does not complete courses will be required to pay for any examination entry fees that have already been made.

Please see a downloadable copy of this agreement below.