• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

At Abbey College Sixth Form we provide the kind of experience that allows all students to progress to either University, Apprenticeships or Employment. We offer a wide range of subjects and our teaching and learning is excellent. We are extremely proud of the support we provide to all students to help them achieve their academic goals and ensure that they feel well supported and able to meet the challenging demands of Sixth Form. With a dedicated Sixth Form team, any worries or concerns will be addressed quickly whether academic or pastoral.

We offer a mixture of A level and BTEC courses. There is e a flexible curriculum which enables a mixture of these courses to be taken and also includes supervised learning periods in a computer suite to help students stay on track when they need help. Teaching is regularly monitored to ensure all students receive the best learning experience.

Throughout the year we give every student the opportunity to visit relevant career and university exhibitions to support their chosen pathway following Sixth Form (with the current situation, these may be virtual). Students can take part in volunteering, become a part of a successful student leadership team, gain valuable experience through relevant work shadowing and contribute to the life of the school. Form time is vital to ensure preparation for progression and is thorough so that tutors have the chance to build positive relationships with students to provide necessary support.

Despite the severe disruption around exams in 2020, 60% or our year 13s applied and accepted University places with many in Russell Group Universities. A proportion went into apprenticeships and jobs.

We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form. The students, our Sixth Form team and teaching staff make our Sixth Form a fantastic place to be and it provides the perfect stepping stone to your future.

Our prospectus is available to view here and will give you all the information needed to help you navigate your way through life as a Post 16 student.

If you have any queries about the Sixth Form, do not hesitate to call the school on 01487 812352 or email our Sixth Form team at:  or