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High expectations
Simply put, high attendance leads to good results.

Our Sixth Form students benefit from having their own space in the school. This ensures students have the space to work independently, in small groups or with a large group of peers. We pride ourselves on the support we provide for our students’ academic and pastoral needs. This includes the individual support provided for each student in terms of their progression to their next steps. With this in mind we do want our students to meet our expectations, whether that be academic or in terms of conduct. To ensure that students are clear of our expectations we have the following documents that state the minimum of what is required from a student in order to be successful.

Our Sixth Form Learning Agreement contains the expectations that we expect from our students and their parent(s)/Carer(s).

We have a subject support programme which is put in place following assessments and is used to support students who as yet do not meet the demands of a course due to either a lack of ability.

The Sixth Form Dress code relies on students adopting a business style dress.