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EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)

Why do an Extended Project?

If you’re weighing up your A Level or Btec options at the moment, take a minute to consider what you might gain if you choose an Extended Project Qualification to run alongside them.

 What’s in it for me?

The extended project is typically a 4 term course. It is worth half an A level.

  • When you apply for university or work an EPQ makes you stand out and more likely to get an offer.
  • It often reduces your entry grade offer.
  • It earns you extra UCAS points.

It’s designed to help you learn skills which will help you at university or in your future career:

  • Develop and improve your own learning and performance as a critical, reflective and independent learner
  • Develop and apply decision-making and problem solving skills
  • Extend your skills in time management, planning, research, critical thinking, evaluation and presentation
  • Develop and apply skills creatively, demonstrating initiative and enterprise.

You’d also have the freedom to choose the theme for your project - perhaps you’d like to do it on a subject you’re studying or an area of personal interest.

What are some of the things I’ll learn?

As well as having the opportunity to develop the skills mentioned above, the Project gives you the chance to achieve more in-depth knowledge in an area you are interested in.  You can also decide how you present your final outcome. It could be a design, an artefact, a performance, an investigation or a dissertation.

How is the course taught?

One lesson every fortnight to teach you research skills, then as you make progress individual tutorials to help you do well.

How will my work be assessed?

You’ll be assessed on how you progress through your project, focusing on your ability to plan, manage and evaluate your work rather than on the final outcome of the project itself. You’ll be assessed on four areas:

  • Managing a project
  • Using resources
  • Developing and realising a project
  • Reviewing a project.

What grades could I get?

As a standalone qualification, the Extended Project is equivalent to half an A Level and is worth up to 70 UCAS points at A*