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Physics A Level Edexcel (9PHO)



We look forward to welcoming you into Physics within the Science Department at Abbey College in September. We hope you will enjoy the challenges offered by this fascinating subject and come to find it both rewarding and a worthwhile experience.



We follow the Edexcel course, which is a well-respected and interesting course, putting the physics you study into a variety of real world contexts. http://qualifications.pearson.com/content/demo/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/physics-2015.html

To prepare you for the course in September, it would prove very useful if you could refresh some of your knowledge and mathematical skills. To support you with this, we have added an induction booklet and a PIXL transition guide below. There are some tasks set in the induction booklet for you to complete which will help you to prepare for the start of the course. The A level course builds on the work covered at GCSE, but you will need to have a sound understanding of the topics covered at GCSE at the higher level. The first topics we will be looking at will be Motion, Forces and Electricity. We recommend that you work through the material carefully. Much of the information you will need to answer it is contained somewhere in this booklet, in the guides or within your GCSE resources. You will be pleased to know you are provided with the formulas at A level .In the meantime, find some great links below you can use to prepare.


CGP Head start to A Level Physics

ISBN: 9781782942818 Free kindle version available



DODDLE   We have a post 16 version




Although we are doing EDEXCEL, the OCR A A level Physics book is very similar

Isaac Physics


This provides questions of a range of standards and will mark these for you.

If you want any help or further information you can contact us at the college by

e-mail: .

Mr D Hodges