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Health and Social Care Level 3 BTEC National

Exam board: Pearson

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Course structure:

Unit 1 – Human lifespan development (external exam taken at the end of year 12)

Unit 2 – Working in Health and Social Care (external exam taken in the January of year 13)

Unit 5 – Meeting individual care and support needs (internal assignment done in year 12)

Unit 14 – Physiological disorders and their care (internal assignment done in year 13)

Recommended books:

Revise BTEC National Health and Social Care Revision Guide                     (ISBN 9781292150321)

Please complete the following in preparation for the beginning of your course in September

-Read the case studies on the 3 individuals, highlighting key points.

-Work through the PowerPoint for unit 5, learning aim A, in the Supporting Documents section of this page.

-Using the PowerPoint and case studies complete the task sheets below.

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