• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Welcome to Politics at Abbey College. We hope you will find the course both stimulating and challenging and that you achieve success. Keep the booklet below handy at all times as it has all the key information for the course and your progress on it.


The course you will be studying is the Edexcel Board A-level Politics syllabus. It consists of three components each culminating in an examination in summer 2022.

Component 1: UK Politics and Core Politics Ideas

Component 2: UK Government and Non-core Political Ideas

Component 3: Comparative Politics (USA)

All official exams are now at the end of the two years. However, there will be mock examinations and other forms of assessment along the way.


This year you will be studying the following:

Term 1: UK Politics - Exam 1

Term 2: Core Ideas (Liberalism, Conservatism & Socialism) - Exam 1

Term 3: UK Government - Exam 2

Next year you will study…:

Term 1 (first half): Non-core ideas – Anarchism (or another ‘ism’) - Exam 2

Term 1- 2: USA Politics - Exam 3

 See the work booklet below for activities and wider reading to better prepare you for September.

For return of work or any other queries please contact