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Fine Art A Level

At Abbey College we run our A level Fine Art course through Eduqas.

The course is structured as follows;

- Foundation Skills Period - Sept-Feb

- Component 1: Coursework Folder - Feb-Feb

- Component 2: Exam Folder - Feb-April/May

Possible areas of study include:

  • painting and drawing
  • mixed media, including collage and assemblage
  • performance and conceptual art
  • sculpture
  • land or environmental art
  • installation
  • printmaking: relief, intaglio, screen processes and lithography
  • film, television, animation, video, photography
  • digital media.

The following is a list of equipment that will be required for the Fine Art A Level course. 

  • A2 Sketchbook
  • A4 Ringbinder with polly pockets

The following is a list of equipment that is recommended for the Fine Art A Level source.

  • Drawing pencils 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B etc
  • Blending sticks
  • Glue sticks
  • Range of drawing pens
  • Watercolour palette
  • Starter set of acrylic paint
  • Set of paintbrushes
  • Ruler
  • A5/A4 sketchbook for trips/visits

It might be useful for you to explore the following websites;

There are some activities to complete in preparation for your A level Fine Art course below!

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