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Chemistry A Level

Welcome to Chemistry A Level

We look forward to welcoming you into Chemistry within the Science Department at Abbey College in September. We hope you will enjoy the challenges offered by this fascinating subject and come to find it both rewarding and a worthwhile experience. We follow the OCR-A course, one of the most popular course choices in the UK due to its academic rigor. The specification for this course can be found here.

Before you continue your education, it would prove very useful if you could refresh some of your chemical knowledge and mathematical skills. Memorising such things as: which of the common elements are in which group, what ions they might form and how to check formulae and balance equations, will allow you to get off to a good start and feel more comfortable with the work at A level standard. 

If you  want a bit more practice it is recommended that you download the free, kindle edition, of the following book: 

‘Head Start to A‐Level Chemistry’ book from CGP. The ISBN is: 978 1 78294 280 1

Headstart to chemistry book


We may provide quite a few printed booklets/worksheets throughout the course to support your learning. You will need to provide a ring binder, with dividers, to organise and keep these safe during the course and A4 paper to take notes during your lessons. You will also need to bring a scientific calculator with you to every lesson.

We use the following textbooks during the course to enhance your study of Chemistry during your time in the 6th form.

Chemistry OCRpractical chemistry





If want to do some more work and have Internet access we recommend the following websites for you: www.chemguide.co.uk , https://www.senecalearning.com/ or www.s-cool.co.uk .