• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Ten Pupils of Abbey College (TPOAC) have released their own album! Shotgun-14 was launched as part of a project with Common Ground, a progressive organisation that helps young people explore heritage in East Anglia.  During the project, the students learned how to use professional recording equipment, trialling hydrophones, geophones, Shotgun and binaural microphones leading them to create their own master pieces from soundscapes of the Abbey building, gardens and ponds.   

The album can be downloaded for free by visiting: tpoac (bandcamp.com) 

Read more here: https://www.huntspost.co.uk/news/23406465.abbey-college-students-become-artists-release-album/

TPOAC was selected for Bandcamp’s “Best Field Recordings on Bandcamp: March 2023”, which is absolutely amazing! They also wrote a very lovely review:

"TPOAC stands for Ten Pupils of Abbey College, a group of students from a secondary school in Ramsey, England, participating in a local arts and heritage festival. For their contribution to the festival, the group of teens were given microphones and allowed to record around their campus. The results exhibit the excitement of exploring one’s surroundings in a new way. Though the raw materials here are everyday sounds, TPOAC edit them into songlike structures. On tracks like “The Break” and “Help,” crunching twigs and insect chirps are juxtaposed with a pounding beat to create compelling musique concrète compositions, demonstrating how much one can do with some basic equipment and a lot of creativity.”