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Welcome to year 8, an important year for Options, Graduation and the new Expert earner scale.

Expert Learner Scale

This table shows the progression on the Expert Learner Scale from Potential Learner through Developing and Advanced to Expert Learner. Students will be expected to collect points across a range of categories, all of which are aligned with the school’s BEST values. The points will be collected across all three terms in Year 7 and 8 and the learner status of the students will be published at the end of each term on Go4 schools as well as on the school Graduation Role of Honour Board.

Most of the information for the individual categories is available on Go4Schools. The information on community involvement including external clubs that the student attend is collected by tutor ambassadors termly. 

Year 8 Graduation

Year 8 Graduation is linked to the Expert Learner scale. It is an annual event which celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of our Year 8 students. All those who graduate will have demonstrated that they are ready to make a strong start to their GCSE and BTEC courses as they progress into Year 9.

As in 2017 Year 8 Graduation bonus points are available for 100% attendance and for being an active member of the school and the wider community and count towards the total point score for Graduation.

There will again be two graduation ceremonies one in the evening for Expert Learners and one in the day time for Advanced Learners. Further support will also be provided for Developing and Potential Learners to ensure that all students pass graduation by the end of Year 8. 

HawkingHouseHawking House with Ms Gregory (Pastoral Leader) , Honours and Honours* Graduates, 2017

Preference choices

The time has now come for all pupils in Year 8 to make decisions regarding the preference courses they wish to follow in Years 9, 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4). In this process, parental support is vital to ensure pupils make appropriate decisions.

The college is always striving to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for its pupils. We do this with the aim of providing everybody with the subject base and skills they require to make the next steps in their learning.

All pupils study the following compulsory subjects:

  • GCSE English Language & GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE Science (Trilogy or separate Sciences)
  • Core PE (non-exam)

All the Preferences presentations delivered during the assemblies have been attached to this page. Students are asked to make 5 preferences of which 3 will be allocated.

Year Group Pages

Preferences Assemblies