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Year 11 is one of the most exciting, challenging and important times in all children’s education. This year the students will continue in their journey to achieving excellent GCSE and/or BTEC qualifications to be deservedly proud of and move confidently into the next stage of their education.

Throughout the year we will update this webpage frequently for both students and parents with all of the strategies and interventions bespoke for Year 11 (The Aiming for Purple Plan), keeping you up to date with revision sessions, the Prom and important dates and advice about examinations.

Parental guidance

  • Ensure that your child attends every day and proactively catches up in the unfortunate event that something is missed, every day is vital.
  • Encourage your child to complete coursework/controlled assessments on time.
  • Check s/he is doing her homework including starting on an ongoing revision plan starting in the summer months of year 10.
  • Make sure s/he is at school and to lessons on time.
  • Ensuring a balance of work and relaxation.
  • If your child is struggling in any way- let us know straight away by contacting their Form Tutor or a Parent Communicator
  • Encourage your child to attend all revision/intervention and study support sessions (Interact).

The link below will give both parents and students tips on how students and parents can support each other over the coming year. Please feel free to use this at any stage. http://unstoppableteen.com/

The vision of the Year 11 achievement team is to encourage all students to fulfil their potential with the full support of the Pastoral, Attendance, Academic teams and their parents.  A positive relationship with home is essential if the students are to achieve this. Parents’ attendance and engagement at information events such as Parents’ Evenings is vital to ensure that we are all aware of any issues or concerns surrounding each student.  Parents may also be invited in for meetings with subject teachers, Attendance Team, Pastoral Team or members of our Leadership Team to discuss their child’s progress and how best we can support them to achieve their full potential.  In addition all the letters we send you are attached to this page. We thank you in advance for your attendance and support with this.

Trail release date: 5th March 4.30pm-6.30pm

The Aim for Purple Plan

The Aim for Purple Plan has two main aims;

1. Actions/mentoring/interventions for students, (including but not exclusively):

Weekly motivations assemblies with an inclusive approach encompassing all aspects of school life from academic progress to attendance, conduct and representing the school

2. Rewards/motivations for students in the guise of collecting ‘Purples’ for the following achievements, leading to a series of awards:

  • Grade 7+ in a subject
  • 5 x Grade 5 in subjects (including English and Maths)
  • 5 x Grade 4 in subjects (including English and Maths)
  • Positive progress 8 score
  • 99% plus attendance
  • All homework completed
  • Always on time to school
  • No poor choices
  • Representing the school
  • Improvement in grades between trial exams
  • Attendance at 6 or more interact sessions per half term
  • Completion of 50 Science know it revision tasks on doddle

Year 11 Awards

  • Termly Rewards Assemblies with prizes
  • Award for the boy and girl with the highest number of “purples” by the end of the year

Interact sessions

After school and during the school holidays, students will be required to attend revision classes leading up to their GCSE examinations.  We will continue to push our students to make outstanding progress and urge our Year 11 students to continue to aim high and achieve their full potential. A full list of sessions can be found on the right.


GCSE/BTEC examination begin formally on Monday 14th May 2018. Students should have a copy of their examination timetable, if students have queries please go to the Examination Office at break or lunch time. A copy of the presentation shown to students can be found on the right.  

Applications to 6th Form/College

Please see 6th Form page.

The Year 11 Prom

As you may be aware, each year we hold a Prom for our Year 11s. The Prom is a reward for the students in Year 11 who have worked hard throughout the year to achieve the best grades and attendance possible. This year the Prom will be held on Thursday 28th June 2018 at Slepe Hall, St Ives.

The criteria for students to gain an invitation to the Prom are:

  • Achieving 10 or more “purples” under the Aim for Purple achievement programme
  • Attendance at 95% or above and arrive on time to school every day, be on time to all lessons, complete all homework and have no poor choices from 1st January 2018 until 11th May 2018.
  • Achieving 100% attendance, on time to all lessons, complete all homework and have no poor choices between Monday 16th April and Friday 11th May 2018

Any student unable to achieve the targets detailed above (due to issues such as medical appointments etc.), will be considered on a case by case basis.

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