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Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum has been based on the revised Mathematics Programme of Study for Key Stage 3. A two year scheme of work for Year 7 and 8 covers all five GCSE assessment objectives (number, algebra, geometry, ratio and proportion, probability and statistics) and prepares students for a three year GCSE course which commences in Year 9. Development of fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving are core to all lessons.


All assessments are completed under controlled conditions in order to build up vital skills required for success at GCSE level. Pupils are made aware of what they are being assessed on, on how, prior to any test. These assessments are based on the five GCSE assessment objectives, a copy of which can be found at the front of your child’s exercise book.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, Mathematics is a linear course taught over 3 years. The Mathematics team motivate students by ensuring that the syllabus is taught in a positive and engaging manner, providing students with the opportunity to work in a variety of ways. Our programme of study includes problem solving and mastery. Assessment objectives are shared with students throughout the course. Students and teachers use these to identify each individual student's learning needs and to make progress visible. Students receive regular feedback and are expected to complete personalised learning tasks.

Maths Staff

Mr Christoforou

Dr Oswell
(Acting) Assistant Headteacher

Ms Beel
Teacher of Maths

Mrs Grainge
Teacher of Maths

Mr King
Lead Learner Maths

Ms Moodley
Teacher of Maths

Mr Sivakummar
Teacher of Maths

Ms Thistlewaite
Teacher of Maths

Mr Tichanow
Teacher of Maths

Ms West
Teacher of Maths

Mrs Yuksekhuya
Teacher of Maths

Curriculum Plan