• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Attendance expectations:

  • Attending all timetabled lessons, registrations, assemblies and study periods (as required) and being punctual at all times.
  • Remaining on site during the school day unless directed otherwise by Head of Sixth Form.
  • Informing the Sixth Form Office of any planned or unplanned absences; parental verification will be required either by phone or email. Note: no term time holidays will be authorised
  • Attending all public examinations and assignment sessions required as part of the learning programme.

Work expectations:

  • Making the academic progress required to lead to the achievement of my learning goals. This will take into account consistency of effort, strength of commitment and attitude to study and the standard of assessed pieces of work.
  • Meeting deadlines for all work, including; coursework, controlled assessment, written homework, presentations etc.
  • Preparing for lessons; using non-contact periods to support my progress, keeping well organised reading materials and equipment, completing required wider reading including holiday work and work missed through absence.
  • Completing additional work and study sessions, as required, following data captures if not meeting targets.

Behaviour expectations:

  • Adhering to the Sixth Form dress code including wearing my ID lanyard on site.
  • Treating all staff & other students with respect and behaving as a role model in our community.
  • Treating school property and the environment with respect.
  • Driving and parking on site responsibly and safely.
  • Locking the school gates after use.
  • Adhering to the whole school ICT policy.

Any student that does not complete courses will be required to pay for any examination entry fees that have already been made.

Please see a downloadable copy of this agreement below. This is for signatures of both student and parent/carers.