• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG

Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Name Position/More Detail
Mr Christoforou Headteacher
Dr Newman Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Moss Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Bennett Assistant Headteacher
Mr Askoolum Assistant Headteacher
Mr Heal Director of Operations

Teaching Staff

Name Position/More Detail
Mr Alexander Lead Learner of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Askoolum Assistant Headteacher & Teacher of Science
Mr Baksh Teacher of Science
Mr Austin Teacher of Engineering & 2nd in Art & Design
Miss Beel Teacher of PE & Maths
Mrs Bennett Assistant Headteacher & Teacher of English
Mrs Blood Teacher of History
Mrs Bowman Teacher of Science
Miss Brown Teacher of Psychology & Sociology
Mr Brown Teacher of Music & Technology
Mrs Carr Teacher of Music & Performance ASCA
Mr Christoforou Headteacher & Teacher of Maths
Mrs Coleman Teacher of Geography
Mrs Cornwell SEND Lead Learner
Dr Dalleywater Teacher of EPQ
Mr Deighton Teacher of English. Resp Teaching & Learning Coach
Miss Dowd Teacher of Moral & Spiritual. Resp More Able
Mr Durrant Lead Learner of Geography
Mrs Edwards Teacher of English
Mr Gawronski Teacher of History
Miss Gerrard-Cook (Acting) Lead Learner & Teacher of Art & Design
Miss Grace Teacher of English
Mrs Grainge Teacher of Maths
Mrs Hanson Lead Learner of English
Mr Hodges (Acting) Lead Learner of Science
Mrs Hodges Teacher of Science
Mr Hyde Lead Learner of Drama
Mr King (Acting) Lead Learner of Maths
Miss Lane Teacher of English
Mr Macnamara Teacher of Science/Maths
Ms Malde-Kara Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Mann Teacher of PE
Ms Mashonganyika Teacher of Science
Mr Mather Associate Assistant Head & Lead Learner of History
Ms Matthews-Ghanem Teacher of English
Mrs McMullon Teacher of English & Drama
Miss McCrory Lead Learner of BITE
Mrs Moodley Teacher of Maths. Resp Keystage 4 Lead
Mrs Moss Deputy Headteacher & Teacher of History
Mrs Neal Teacher of Technology
Dr Newman Deputy Headteacher & Teacher of Science
Mrs Noble Associate Assistant Head & Lead Learner of Moral & Spiritual
Mrs Nunn Teacher of English. Resp Keystage 3
Miss O'Connell Teacher of English
Dr Oswell Associate Assistant Head & Teacher of Maths
Mrs Overland Teacher of PE
Mr Pearmain Teacher of Business Studies
Mr Pires Teacher of ICT & Computing
Mr Pugh Lead Learner of Physical Education
Miss Rahemtulla Teacher of Moral & Spiritual
Mr Reid Teacher of Science
Mr Robinson Teacher of Technology
Mrs Ruggins Teacher of PE & English
Mr Saul Teacher of Music
Mrs Sims Teacher of Health & Social Care
Mrs Sobieralska Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Taylor Teacher of Science
Mr Tichanow Teacher of Maths
Miss Thistlethwaite Teacher of Maths
Mr Wallis Teacher of Geography
Mrs West Teacher of Maths
Mrs Wibberley Associate Assistant Head & Teacher of Art
Mr Wilson Teacher of Moral & Spiritual
Mrs Yuksekkaya Teacher of Maths

Support Assistant

Name Position/More Detail
Mrs Broughton Teaching assistant
Mrs Burgess Teaching assistant
Mrs Cornwell SEND Lead Learner
Mrs Crisall Teaching assistant
Mrs Fyfe Teaching assistant
Mr Goodwin Teaching assistant
Mr Hollis Teaching assistant
Mrs Hollis Teaching assistant
Ms Johnson Teaching assistant
Mrs Lambert SEND Support Coordinator
Mrs West HLTA
Mrs Wood HLTA


Name Position/More Detail
Mrs F O'Connor Attendance Officer ext 244 (direct dial 01487 811777)

Careers & CEIAG

Name Position/More Detail
Ms Pollard Careers Lead
Mrs Neville Careers Coordinator


Name Position/More Detail
Ms Hills Exam Officer
Ms Key Exam Lead

Academic Support

Name Position/More Detail
Mrs Glen Senior Tutor

Achievement, Conduct & Ethos Team

Name Position/More Detail
Ms Davis Achievement Conduct & Ethos Lead
Miss Duncan Churchill House Pastoral Lead
Mrs Gregory Hawking House Pastoral Lead
Mrs Hardbattle Aspire Curriculum Unit Lead
Miss Kendrick Parent Communicator
Mr Manning Woolf House Pastoral Lead
Mrs Parkins Intervention Teaching Assistant
Mrs Peattie Da Vinci House Pastoral Lead
Miss Salisbury Parent Communicator

School Support Staff

Name Position/More Detail
Ms Cobb SLT PA