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January 2020 - School is currently closed for students - Nationally, students have been asked to stay at home and engage in blended learning.

What will the school day look like when my child is learning from home?

Students in each year group will follow their normal timetable from home. All lessons including Form Time, will start at their usual time. However, Form Time will be reduced to 20 minutes and each lesson will be reduced to 40 minutes, in order to limit excessive screen time.Your child’s teachers will be live to greet each class for most lessons, and most independent tasks will be set on Microsoft Teams assignments. Learning tasks will be in several forms, including through live teaching, videos, presentations, written tasks, quizzes and exam style questions. A reminder of the timetable structure can be found under the coronavirus section on our website and have been sent home. To facilitate those with students in different key stages, we have suspended the split lessons and breaks, to allow for families to eat together.

What are the expectations of my child during remote learning?

Students at home must log in to Microsoft Teams at 8.40am each morning to register and complete the form time activity. Students are expected to attend each online lesson at the start of the lesson, according to their usual timetable. Work completed should be uploaded electronically, so that the teacher can keep a record of the work submitted and give feedback accordingly.

How often will my child receive feedback?

Each subject has its own policy on how often is best to give feedback, according to the structure and nature of the course and key stage, and teachers are following this policy during the current lockdown. Your child is likely to receive acknowledgement of written work submitted as a minimum, and on longer independent tasks, they are likely to receive more detailed feedback. During live lessons students will receive verbal feedback on their contributions.

What happens if my child’s teacher is absent?

In the normal course of the year, teachers may be absent due to ill health, training commitments, or extenuating circumstances, and this is also to be expected during lockdown. In the case of a short-term absence, work will be set by a subject-specialist as an assignment on Teams. In the case of longer-term absence, we will endeavour to provide high-quality lessons, and some access to live teaching, as well as some feedback on work submitted.

National Lockdown Timetable:

  • 8:40-9:10 Form Time 
  • 9:10-10:10 Period 1 
  • 10:10-11:10 Period 2 


  • 11:40-12:40 Period 3 
  • 12:40-13:40 Period 4 


  • 14:10-15:10 Period 5 

How will attendance be monitored at home?

Abbey College will monitor attendance in line with the Attendance Policy, and a register will be taken for each lesson, to help us monitor engagement, as well as attendance. If we have concerns, we will contact parents and carers individually by email or phone.

What happens if my child is unwell?

If your child is unwell and unable to complete the work, please email Tina Davis, Attendance Officer on , or call her on 01487 811317Any work that is missed will remain on the class team for later reference. If students are able to, they can complete the work set, once they feel better. We understand that each circumstance may be different.

What happens if my child does not know their password?

Should your child lose or forget their password, please request a reset by emailing , stating your child’s name, year group and school. Alternatively, the IT Support Team can be reached on 0300 666 0300. Please also let the attendance office know that your child will not be able to access work or register.

Guidance on how to use the various features of Microsoft Teams can be found at https://www.cmatrust.co.uk/knowledge-base/

We do not have sufficient IT access at home, how will my child learn?

If your child is unable to access the internet at home, please contact

Useful Contacts

Email the IT Helpdesk  or telephone 0300 666 0300 

Email the Welfare Team

Email the Attendance Office