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Coronavirus Updates

Please see todays full update letter in the Coronavirus Updates folder for some important updates.

Over the past couple of weeks that has seen regional Covid cases rise significantly, we have observed our community principles shine through. This has been a year where year group ‘bubbles’ have disconnected students within our community. Yet over the past ten days, the inter-house Sport Days, Activities Week along with the Celebration Assemblies have really helped to re-establish the sense of community and pride within our young people.

Return Dates for September



Thursday 2nd September

Year 7 & 13 in school

Friday 3rd September

Years 7, 11, 12 & 13 in school

Monday 6th September

All students in school.

All return dates remain provisional. More information released in August once Covid testing process has been confirmed and any further Government announcements.


Please see todays full update letter in the Coronavirus Updates folder.

Please see todays full update letter in the Coronavirus Updates folder.

The situation continues to worsen with Covid. Today the LA have reported that the number of cases in schools this week are already over 200 – this is double last weeks numbers and they still have today’s cases to be included in the overall number. Furthermore, they have reported that testing rates in the 11-17 age range have, decreased significantly. Given the situation locally in Hunts, with several schools recording significant numbers of positive cases, I want to prepare families for the inevitable.

Therefore, a plea as we have just over two weeks left of school, and it would be a real shame for students to miss out on face-to-face taught lessons and the forthcoming end of term events, such as Activities Week. I would ask that families take note of the following advice:

  • Please encourage your child to use the LFD test twice weekly, uploading the results on to Test Register and on to the NHS Results page, which can be found here. Testing on a Sunday prior to coming into school is really important. Of course, do not send them to school if they are showing any of the usual symptoms we are familiar with.
  • To report a positive case where a PCR test has been used, please click this link
  • In order to minimise any further potential disruption to learning, until the end of term, we expect that face masks are worn in all lessons as a preventative measure

Please see todays full update letter in the Coronavirus Updates folder.