• Abbey College, Abbey Road, Hollow Lane, Ramsey Cambridgeshire PE26 1DG


If you have any concerns or need to tell us anything about your son/daughter, including absence please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01487812352 – option 3

Hawking House has established a proud legacy of academic, cultural and sporting achievements. Staff and students alike take inspiration from our namesake.
As members of Hawking, we strive to achieve excellence in all areas.  We value the strengths and celebrate the achievements of all our members.  We have a strong ethos of encouraging and supporting achievements in a variety of areas.

Over the past few years, Hawking students have consistently achieved their target grades, maintained high standards of behaviour and attendance and contributed significantly to their community.  I look forward to a year of continued success in which parents, carers, teachers and students support each other in their efforts to reach their potential.

Personnel in Charge

  • SLT: Mr Askoolum
  • Head of House: Mrs Gregory
  • Lead Learners: Mr Hodges, Mr Pugh
Name Room
Mrs Gregory
Mr Askoolum
Mr Pugh S06
Mr Reid S01
Ms Watson S02
Ms Mashonganyika S03
Mr Mann/Ms Bramley S04
Mr Robinson S05
Miss Smith S09
Miss Bull S10
Mrs Taylor S12

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